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We are player agents for professional icehockey players.


SSM's athlete advisors, a combination of former elite athletes and international businessmen are equipped to address the athletic, financial, contract negotiations, and personal aspects of our clients' careers and day-to-day affairs, so the athlete can focus on staying in "the zone" athletically. To address these varied needs, SSM offers our clients a range of services and strategic relationships.


Our athlete advisors take a fully integrated approach to our clients current and future career progression, but on ice and off ice issues.  In co-operation with our investment management partner and the athlete we discuss the athlete's investment and pension plan.  SSM's goal is to simplify and develop the lives of our athletes by serving as ther primary contact for everything from marketing the player to prospective teams, to getting the athlete and their family settled into a new town. 


SSM assist General Managers identify suitable players for their team roster.


We also represent coached in their search for new teams.


Scandinavian Sport Management Handelsbolag (SSM) is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, registration number: 969746-7257

Certified by SICO 2011

Cooperation partner in North America

O2K Worldwide Management Group

Certified by NHLPA